Saturday, August 9, 2014

White Non-Racists Keep Making Apps To Avoid Blacks

Like porn, they know it when they see it
"Any discriminatory posts will be deleted."
White people are funny:

Whites didn't educate blacks on how to get a head in life

After slavery - and with blacks running for their lives, from the South, for safety - whites pushed blacks into the worst possible neighborhoods. And now, whites are trying to cash in on that previous discrimination - like Lorde's music criticising blacks for making money - by telling other whites how to avoid the worst possible neighborhoods where blacks live. Is America great, for whites, or what?

Profiting off of white's previous discrimination makes whites, today, smile

These two little hoodless scrunchies have been labeled racists for their "original" bad neighborhood-avoiding creation, SketchFactor (which another racist made, before them, under the equally-awful name of GhettoTracker - after MicroSoft also did it) but apparently only after Jerry Seinfeld had this experience which would've told them what all these racist apps are warning against:

Nobody's creating an app with this message

"Not in the greatest neighborhood," eh?

TMR says anything that keeps these foolish, scaredy-cat, narcissists further away from American blacks is to be applauded,...

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