Friday, August 22, 2014

More Rye Observations (From The Blog With No Bread)

Rock, rock, the planet - ROCK - Get It? No? Really? 

This morning, the first private email in TMR's box was a joy, and it contained a warning for others - listen to TMR:

"For what it's worth: I really appreciate your commentary. I also remember your history. 

Back in the Day (around 08 or so), you gave two very good pieces of advice, one of which I followed, the other of which I didn't (to my detriment):

1.) Watch out for urban kebab places: I did that. What you said about how dirty they could be was totally correct. I found decent family restaurants, which were couscouses that served kebabs; never a standup kebab place. 

2.) Beware of New Age. Now, back in the US, I'm dealing with medical issues due to "homeopathic" quack treatment that I took in France, because I was in pain, and it was August. (Oy.) 

I wish the best to you. Wish I could support you better.”

TMR is now an Afro-desiac to whites on race

Not much to add to that (TMR wrote back privately) except - to understand quackery AND to build up the proper level of skepticism - readers should check out: 

He's white, and English, with a German name - Maybe Crack's right!

Dr. Edzard Ernst. For instance, his topic today is "Another dodgy study of homeopathy," which is how the English talk - the shit's "dodgy" - which makes it sound kind of cool. But it's not. 

Life is filled with things that "sound kind of cool" but it's not.

Remember "The Artful Dodger"? (Not remember, remember, but remember?) It's like that. But bad art. Really, really badd

If a man owns a pocket comb he's probably a Republican - Good to know!

 Another great resource is Penn Jillette's (?) "What's The Harm?"  There readers can get a glimpse at the worst - before it happens - and head trouble off at the pass. 

Here to help - 100%

As far as "support" goes, it's not all about money. Write - let TMR know it did you some good - which does TMR good:

Some will only be impressed, by displays of originality, over time

There was a time when very few thought The Macho Response would ever be seen as correct, on anything, because - they said - the topics being taken on, like NewAge, were "too big."

This was the very first time TMR was glad to see Dr. Oz on television

That hurt - a lot - right up until the tide started turning. But it did.

Yeah, you heard me - You're the white one.

So now the topic is race - specifically the white one.

Whoa - this blog's about problems arising from cultish thinking - Wait a minute!


"Too fucking big" leads, naturally, to a picture of Dirk Diggler - that's all you get about art - Think

So check it, shout to someone there's a blog they can trust, whether they'll like the style (or positions taken) or not. That alone *might* bring TMR something more, some day. You never know.

You don't have a country unless somebody's got your back

Right now - at this very moment - just hearing of someone else's actual benefit (yes, even a white person's) is more-than-enough to keep going,...

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