Sunday, August 17, 2014


Land of the wha? (And the home of the brave "a nation of cowards") 

So, looking at the artwork going around (above) whites have figured out one way to give blacks what we want. TMR would prefer reparations and backing-the-fuck-up-off-me but knows, whites never part with what they steal (including us) so, "no go" there. Here's another guy who almost finally got outside their reach - after they reached him, of course:

Black guys and their bald heads - it needs to stop!

 Of course, whites missed this 2009 injustice, because who was going to win American Idol was of the utmost importance, and anyone who was so shallow as to mention the country's outrageous racial problems, then, was a nationally uncool party pooper who just wanted to talk about "serious shit," but didn't know what was really going on, right, white people?  It's only been that way, on and off, for the last 400 years. No big deal, right? 

America's been great under your leadership.

Clowns to the Left of me, jokers to the Right,...

Speaking of which, TMR thinks Salon is right - the Kenyan still has enough time to kill an elephant and prove he's a man. Here's hoping he does, and sooner rather than later: 

Whites seem to have their hearts set on meeting one,...

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