Thursday, August 14, 2014

Get The Impression There's No Plan For Getting Along?

Whites know what to expect - because they know how they treat us

Blacks have always had to fight for the recognition of our humanity in America - and against incredible odds:

What kind of "police force" does this? What kind of "country" allows this? One thats "roots" began, like South Africa's, with keeping blacks in slavery, and submissive to violent whites, naturally. 
American blacks know this:

It seems to be pretty important for whites, to keep slavery's context out of the story, after a cop was busted by CNN calling us "animals."

Because, if they didn't keep the context out, they'd have to admit the obvious:

American "law enforcement," seeing black citizens as "animals," is too-short a step - in both time AND culture - from it's historic "niggerbreaker's" regarding us as "furniture" again,... 

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