Tuesday, August 12, 2014

From Black & White 2 Color 2 Absolutely Nothing At All

In the old days, we wanted to see how others lived.

Like texting while driving, the "selfie" trend is proving to be the undoing of many a narcissist. Some poor kids are without parents, today, because their supposedly-responsible adults fell off a cliff for one. And some guy recently shot himself in the process, too. And, let's not forget all the thieves who get busted, because they simply can't resist pointing whatever they steal in their own general direction.

Steeped in racial insecurity - whites made validating others non-reciprocal

Like the late Michael Brown said, before he was killed by a white cop, equally as stupid:

Are those who aren't very special demanding their own attention?

Why does TMR imagine the weak-minded read that sentence, and still think, "Look at me"? Like, their lives have been reduced to the existence of a caged dog, desperately looking for a new owner?

The fake "you" is now the only presentable one - to yourself

Because that's what pathetic Facebook creatures they've become.

There is no real "you" anymore

Pavlov's got them all now,...

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  1. It's surprising that you aren't in prison. Give it some time. You have the mentality of a vicious criminal. You'll find your way there.