Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Crack Emcee's Poison Opera: RAISE YOUR GAME

An early demo of The Crack Emcee's semi-autobiographical "Poison Opera," RAISE YOUR GAME.

Another unmastered drop but, this time, more than one track so context can be added. (Put the volume at 3/4 for unexpected volume changes and use headphones, or a stereo, for bass - laptop speakers won't work.) Not all of these beats are going to make the cut, of course, but not to worry - there's still about another 20-25 waiting to be taken seriously. 

RAISE YOUR GAME's working titles: 

 1. Darling, It's Been Raining - (Julie Blu & Juju Beats Remix) 
 2. Freeloader - w/Tim Hilton 
 3. Welcome To Cult World (Interlude) 
 4. Re-awakening - Who Are You? (Interlude) 
 5. Escapee (Interlude) 
 6. One-Man Bee Hive - Be Here Now (From Degrading Discussions With Children And The Ghosts Of Slaves) 
 7. Back To Life (My Subterranean Culture) 
 8. Street Deals 
 9. I Got It 
 10. My People, My People 
 11. When It Rains It Pours 
 12. Who Don't See Color? (Interlude) 
 13. Sugar Free (For Ann Althouse and Titus) 
 14. The Great Migration To
 15. Oregon (Rain & Racism)
 16. I Am The Rock 
 17. Closer

 Donations to help finish RAISE YOUR GAME are welcome.

TMR so far? This will be a pretty good record,...

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Crack. I've downloaded it.

    I spent the day cleaning out my drawers and cabinets in the office and had this on. So, having listened all the way through, I like it a lot. I think you have real talent here.

    A question: Does this fall under the genre of "rap"? I've liked some rap music over the years but not very much. It is just a genre that has never appealed to my tastes. I hear some rap elements at times in this but even that sounds good.

    Anyway, very nice.

    John Henry