Monday, August 18, 2014

Allen West Has Decided To Destroy His Political Career

The military gave him the wing and he just added the nut

So, another of the few blacks chosen - by 9-11 Truther, Tea Party, and "colorblind" racists alike - as "much more intelligent" than the rest of us, commits hari-kari using a falafel:

And we all thank him for it. Look, if that horrible book photo didn't end his political career, then he needed to do this, because *something* had to - he and that stupid motorcycle helmet are as useless to blacks, today, as Booker T. Washington before him. 

That said, as we bid his crazy ass farewell from serious political discussion, TMR will give Allen West this much: 

Unlike Thomas Sowell, who is too smart - but just like crazy Alan Keyes - while he lasted, he was a fine representative of white's interests,...

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  1. You are wrong again, Crack. He had no political career left to destroy.