Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Whoops: Dr. Ben Carson Leaves The White "Plantation"

It looks like Obama and the doctor agree on more than some whites think! 

 Yes, TMR looked it up *special* - but it still looks like an ask-and-you-shall-receive situation - with surprising results:

 Yes, in the case of Michael Brown, "must" is just the right word:

And TMR expects every (supposed) Ben Carson-loving non-racist out there to agree with us,...


  1. And they need to do it quickly and transparently.

  2. Also, all Law Enforcement Officers should be required to wear lapel video cameras. In any instance where they malfunction, the word of the civilian should prevail.

  3. The problem here is that there is no way for the policeman to 'speak'. There is a grand jury pondering an indictment (not to mention possible civil actions and federal civil rights actions). Even if all facts are eventually aligned firmly in support of the officer, he cannot possibly say a word about it. While the family may be perfectly justified in their desire to know what the officer has to say, there is no alternative but to wait.

    Still, any fair person should be puzzled by a narrative that began with a gentle giant on his way to granny's house and college in his future being shot in the back with his hands in the air... to emerging contrary facts that tell of doped thug fresh off a store robbery engaging with the policeman in the patrol car, an exploded eye socket and being shot in the front.

    Every single person in America would happily fry a racist cop who executed an innocent man on the street who was trying to comply. It's alarming when the preferred political and racial narrative remains loudly fixed in spite of suggestions that the facts are not in sync with it.

    I agree with Dr. Carson. We must hear from this police officer, but it can only happen when we can all reasonably assess all the facts in light of the conflicting evidence. That time is certainly not now. In the meantime, the demagogues have the streets.

    But that's just another racist white guy talkin'.

    - Krumhorn