Monday, August 11, 2014

One Photo That Sums Up The Death Of Robin Williams

If he wasn't college-oriented, but smoked pot and was out for "drank," would it be justified?

TMR thinks The Message Of The Day is pretty fucking clear:

One fact - that white people could stop this murder and don't - is enough, to make life less worthwhile, for someone: 

Which whites would know - if it were happening to them - still.

Another fact - that, even as Americans, these supposedly-patriotic whites don't feel like it IS happening to them as fellow citizens - says almost everything you need to know about the cynical white "culture" undergirding this so-called country, they now swear-to-GOD blacks must protect from Mexicans, because - get this - with immigration, black's lives will get really bad.

Peep that photo of their idea of "the good life" in America today,...

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