Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ta-Nahisi Coates On Ferguson, Missouri: Verser Un Peu de Sauce Blanche Sur Elle et L'appeler Une Délicatesse

How many blacks, no white will hire, are worth millions - needing only investment and a few years? 

The Atlantic's Mr. Coates is apparently back from his french lessons - and hopefully saying "noir" more than they do:

I had a dream - but I forgot it after talking different

Nah, he's saying "black" - as always - which is easy to understand: 

Is any of this really necessary - or respectable?

TMR's own training in wee-wee, poo-poo, lah-lah, coo-coo, cah-cah - whatever - just made a nigga sound pervy, ancient, juvenile, and obsessed with bathroom functions:

No Western country - without standardized toilets - is to be trusted or believed

Getting trapped into eating at the same hours they do, too, maybe had something to do with it,...

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