Monday, March 22, 2010

Short Memories (But With A Long, Long History)

"An £8million exhibition chronicling the empire of the SS within the Nazi state opens next month in Germany at the Rennaissance castle that was once its spiritual home.

Organisers of the exhibition say its principal aim is educational and to ensure that nothing like it can ever occur again. The display will be the largest in the world devoted to telling the story of the Third Reich's murderous elite.

Wewelsburg Castle opens to visitors on April 15 and is where SS leader Heinrich Himmler brought together his senior officers.

He even installed a round table, coats of arms for his SS 'knights' and pagan ceremonies exalting his movement above all other world religions.

For the first time since the SS used the place the room where Himmler met with underlings to plot such things as the murder of the Jews in Russia and later in the extermination camps built in Poland, visitors will be allowed into the 'knights' room' where torchlit hocus-pocus rituals went on as the Second World War raged outside.

‘We regard this as an insurance for the future, hoping that comprehensive knowledge of such a criminal group will help preserve lives spent in peace and freedom, thus preventing such a force from ever being used against people again,’ said Manfred Mueller, the district adminstrator for Wewelsburg.

‘Although there was so much more to Wewelsburg than just the SS during its long history, this will be the first permanent exhibition in the world to address not just the crimes of the SS but its idealogical basis and involvement with science, art and its political and cultural ambitions.’

Wewelsburg, uniquely built into the shape of a triangle, was intended to be the ‘spiritual mecca’ of his SS order and Himmler constructed a concentration camp with slave labourers next to it to provide the manpower necessary to carry out extensive renovations on the centuries-old structure.

It will draw on hitherto unseen SS plans, schematic drawings, photographs, archive material, uniforms, letters and diaries and the testimony of servants and SS flunkies who attended his quack ceremonies both before and during the war.

Himmler was the epitome of the Nazi dichotomy: a killer with a romantic side whose time-travels into a dubious Germanic past made even his patron Hitler think he was a pfennig short of a Reichsmark.

In his capacity as supreme leader of the SS he consulted seers, fortune tellers, amassed the biggest private library of witchcraft books outside of the Berlin University - and immersed himself in the legends of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table."
-- Alan Hall, with more proof of the already-clear connection between NewAge and Nazism - two groups that have always been really, really concerned about healthcare and quackery - which no one "smart" pays any mind, besides me and The Daily Mail.

And now, just for the comic relief, here's another NewAge fool (and ObamaCare supporter) justa mixing-and-a-matching history and quackery with some real whoppers:

BTW - despite that it easily could be - this is not a continuation of my last post, or the answer to it, which will come up soon,...

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