Friday, March 5, 2010

Imagine All The People (Really) Living For Today

People are angry about this commercial. But, as Eric Clapton's "Cocaine" plays on the radio while/where I'm writing this - coming right after "Angie" by the Rolling Stones - I can't help but say that, while I don't care whether Yoko Ono exploits John Lennon's image to sell French cars or not, I totally agree with the statement the ad (and Lennon) are making. From The New York Times:
"The commercial for the Citroen DS-3, which is being promoted with the slogan 'Anti Retro,' includes footage of Mr. Lennon criticizing people’s nostalgia for the 1960s and ’70s."
And I couldn't agree more. Think about it:

I'm trapped listening to music from 40-50 years ago, writing about horrifying belief systems that gained popularity 40-50 years ago, etc., all being pushed by people trapped in a '60's time warp, who thought this ass-backwards nonsense was cool when they were teens 40-50 years ago, and insisting they'll never grow out of it - and (by the sheer size of their g-g-g-generation) won't let the rest of the country do so either. Back to the Times:
"On his Twitter account, Sean Ono Lennon, the son of Mr. Lennon and Ms. Ono, supported the advertisement. 'I realize why people are mad,' he wrote. 'But intention was not financial, was simply wanting to keep him out there in the world.'"
Which sounds fine and dandy as solipsism goes, but, if you ask me, it also sounds like the first problem with this ad campaign is that Sean and Yoko totally missed the point of the late John Lennon's own words.

Imagine that.

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