Friday, July 5, 2013

Ann Althouse Is A Bitch (And Everyone Should Know It)

Day 2 of Ann Althouse showing appreciation for her male readership the "losers" (her term) who frequent her blog:
"There are some really sad beta posturings in this thread.

Where is the self-respect?

Where is the awe over procreation?

Lame little men, whining about their meager money? 

No one cares about you, because no one should! 

Where is your aspiration? 
Where is your altruism? 

Why do you leave the house? 

You have your porn and your masturbation?

The alternative is true manhood, but is that something you are capable of? Apparently not!

I laugh in your scrunched up crying little face."

Let me point out there has been push-back by, both, men and women. And please, don't forget: 

If Glenn Reynolds really thought his wife's book was important - or even that voting for Obama was wrong for the country - he wouldn't support Althouse with links.

Nor should Ann's readers support her. They shouldn't buy from her portal. The University of Wisconsin should be hearing from somebody ("Is this what you guys consider professorial?") and she should, finally, be forced to publicly confront her wannabe-immasculating outlook.

Anything less means she's right to laugh at you, as far as I'm concerned,...