Monday, July 8, 2013

Althouse: Grovel (Or I'll Never Call You Names Again)

There's a pretty wild cult-like ritual taking place, right now, where - after abusing her followers - the leader has withdrawn most contact, claiming some are trying to destroy their beliefs, and she will continue to withhold contact until the abused show the proper remorse. They're lining up, too:
"I'm sorry for not being a better commenter,…"

Mind you, cult fans, this all started after the leader decided, because she has a gay son, that everyone who opposed gay marriage was A) a bigot, and B) a "loser." Then, she went on a feminist-inspired abortion tear that included this:
"The backbone of society is the married, committed couple who channel their sexuality into making and growing the next generation. Those who do other things are free to make choices, but we as a society have no reason to facilitate their choices, especially their destructive choices."

Naturally, massive cognitive dissonance ensued. Everything, since then, has been efforts by the followers to get their leader to square these opposing views. Here's an example of what they got back, instead, from the "professor":
"I guess I pushed your li'l button.

Your buttonette. 

Now you'll have something to do other than jerking off to old pics of Joey Heatherton and Barbara Eden while swilling booze on Court Street."

And now she's demanding apologies - and getting them.

I swear, considering how twisted it "works" in the real world, I know NewAge deserves every second I devote to witnessing it,...


  1. I think it had long since stopped being fun for her. Her support of Walker, followed by an unwillingness to back Barry drew the wrath of the Lefties.

    The blog had become her position on same sex marriage vs all comers with the usual trolls passing themselves off as cheerleaders.

    I also think she's not feeling well.

    YMMV, of course.

  2. In a way it reminds me of the purge at little green footballs, when CJ realized his commentariat was at odds with him.

    Can't see any way Althouse's once well-trafficked blog will recover from this.

  3. I freely admit that I apologized, but not for what I've said, but rather if it hurt anyone personally. I suppose that might a different without a distinction, but I was being sincere in that I wasn't going out of my way to be malicious in what I said to her or meade or other commentors except for 4 individuals that I wish would spontaneously combust while I stood on the sideline watching them holding a can of gasoline to help them along. They know who they are, Inga, Garage, Ritmo, and that human pinata ARM.

    Maybe I didn't need to, but I felt it was a good will effort that I wasn't in this grind any axes, but rather just appreciated the fact that I could voice my opinion there.