Thursday, July 18, 2013

If We Switched From Freedom OF Religion To Freedom FROM Religion I Wouldn't Have A Problem With It At All

A friend just stopped by, on his break from work, bringing me lunch. When I didn't immediately scarf it down, he asked if it was because of the hiccups. I shook my head and pointed at the computer screen:
"A trail of blood led to the bathroom, where plastic covered the walls and floor. There, they found an electrical circular saw with pieces of bone, blood and flesh stuck to the blade. Nearby, in a freezer, police found skin and muscles stored in plastic bags. The woman's skull, with all her teeth plucked out, her eyes removed and two upside-down crosses carved into the bone, was stashed in a backpack. 
Prosecutors say that Meraz-Espinoza strangled his mother and then skinned, filleted and dismembered her body as part of a satanic ritual."
My friend also shook his head, put the food in the fridge, offered me a cigarette (I took it) and left. If no one else comes by today, I'll crawl there later on all fours and eat it cold, curled on my side, laying on the kitchen floor. Anybody want to lecture me on what being "humble" is again? 

 My esophagus is getting raw. 

Hail Satan,...

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