Saturday, July 6, 2013

Instapundit Stands Up To Althouse (And Gains Respect)

I've been pretty hard on Glenn Reynolds (understatement) and that means I've got to acknowledge when he gets it right. Unlike Ann Althouse, who he's answering here, HE sounds like a lawyer:
Over the past several decades, women have asserted a right to make all the judgments in matters of gender and sexuality. And, in fact, we do “facilitate” destructive choices, when they’re by women. We subsidize unwed mothers, we give women a pass on sexual behavior that would be considered predatory if it were done by males, we give them all sorts of “choice” that men don’t have and then absolve them, culturally and legally, from judgment over the way they exercise those choices. No similar dispensation is given to men. 
A society that ran according to Ann Althouse’s views on marriage and commitment might, in fact, be a better one than the one we live in now, but it is most definitely not the one we live in now. Observing that, and noting the unfairnesses involved, is not “victimology” — though given how successful women have been in obtaining power via victimology, no one should be surprise if men start to give it a try. 
But I do not believe that women deserve a monopoly in determining what views on gender and sexuality and parenting are acceptable. Why would they?

And there you go. "Why would they?" What's gotten into their heads?

As Reynolds says, read the whole thing. This has got me thinking he should write a bit more because, if there's really a sharp mind at work on Instapundit - and this post leads me to think there might be - I've been missing it. Seriously:

I know the topics he covers can be of concern to us all, but,...he just,..isn't.

He writes articles and all that, but never about what really ails us. It's like he's too much of a nerd/geek to grasp the essential issues, so we get space exploration, geo-politics, and The Frisky instead.

Just as I'm disappointed Althouse has decided to use her influence for evil, I'm let down Glenn hardly uses his effectively at all - except as an Amazon portal - and, if he does, it's for shit like blindly supporting Romney and effectively knocking us out of the game.

Hey, if we're being honest, he's got to cop to it.

I agree, there's a smart crew online, but I've been trying to make the point that - just like Althouse - the rest of them are focused on the wrong things, too:

They play the media game, take us down blind alleys, engage in conspiracy logic - it's embarrassing.

And enormously wasteful.

Scholarly language can't cover for it. Credentials don't make it more legit. It's time for a change.

That said, I'm glad to finally see something I'm glad to see.

Now let's get real.

I feel like Morgan Freeman or something,...

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