Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's Haunting (But Not Surprising): There's No Women In This Photo - And The Dead Are "Firefighters" Not "Men"

I'm laid up in bed, injured, and my blood boils:

19 guys dead.

When has a group of women made such a sacrifice?


  1. Well I don't have an issue with calling them "firemen", because that's what they are (or were in this case). This may have to do with the realization (that dawned quite some time ago, so my brain is comfortable with it) that much as I might want to be that person, my body would betray me. The men would do that job (and others like it) way better; they do that job better, and will always do that job better (unless we really manage to mess up men completely -- goodness knows our society is certainly trying) so give them their due and hats off. Maybe just tell the truth about the situation and call them firemen.


    *don't even get me started on this push to put women in combat/SF positions...talk about stuck between a rock and a hard place to find oneself (if that someone is someone like me or my two eldest) in that argument!

  2. I understand, but I think - in this environment - if we're saving "women and children" then the dead should be "men".

    I'm not a hard-ass about it, though,...