Friday, July 12, 2013

Running Away IS An Answer To A Problem (A Coward's)


 Here's another episode of GREAT LEGAL MINDS AT WORK:
"What do you think the difference is between a tourist and a traveler?"
Now that's a lawyer entertaining the burning questions, huh? Razor-sharp intellects, they are. Hey - I've got an idea - let's try this one: 

What do you think the difference is between someone claiming to be a witch and someone claiming to be George Washington? 

Why does one receive legal and government protection, while the other a padded room? Hell, if anything, shouldn't it be the other way around - with George Washington getting government goodies and the witches being put away? 

And, if there are witches, why do they get government protection when they have magic powers the rest of us don't? Aren't they a reason for regulation, rather than support? 

Shit, what am I talking about? These "lawyers" can't even put away con men. 

Birds of a feather.

BTW - Ann Althouse, everybody's favorite NewAger (who denies it while "on the path") is still continuing her Hilariously Insane Self-Justification Freak Out Tour. Looks like she's open to comments again:

 Go tell her she's nuts,...

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  1. I would (or at least talk to her...telling her how she's nuts), but there is no comments section that I can see.


    *or at least point out that there is nothing romantic or noble in a round of self justification -- it just means you realize you've had to concede the high ground (but...not seeing a comment section)