Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Difference Between Feminism, Gay Rights & Racism

The GOP wouldn't have any problems if they really shared his outlook

TMR is 100% positive, the GOP doesn't believe their "colorblind" nonsense because they studied Martin Luther King's work, so is it because they watch too much "reality" on TV?

...Everyone said the schools there were the best. What they really meant with their conspiratorial winks was that the schools were all white. People too sophisticated to join the Klan had decided to hike up property taxes once segregation laws were repealed.

Our problems are not the same.

Yep - as we watch gay marriage sweep the nation (with Ann Coulter's blessing) from screaming it's exactly the same as the black Civil Rights struggle - mention race and everyone, including gays, still screams "Shut UP!" Conveniently forgetting blacks are still fighting for reparations because we've never received the same levels of support:

That's not wine.

BTW - They use that same racist "it's the best" code in France - which is, also, currently "fighting to stay white."

This isn't how it happened, last night, on "Will & Grace"

And the longer they wait to get real, the more obvious it all is,…

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