Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Republican Party, Misunderstanding Blacks, Is Nutty

Anyone this old knows America's racism - personally - while whites claim it's "ancient history"

From Facebook's "Humans of New York's Page" - where someone asks random citizens a question - we get TMR:

“There has been a lot of evil in the world. But to me, none as great as slavery. It’s the worst thing that has ever happened. They take you from your home. They take you from your family, your history. They make you work. They tell you when to mate. They chop off your foot if you try to run away. And I’m sorry to say this, but white people did that. And black people are still living with the remnants. For over 200 years, black people built this country and didn’t get a single dollar. And sure, it isn’t happening anymore, but we’re still living with the remnants. We don’t have the same connections, the same powerful friends, the same access to capital. I tell young African Americans that they’ll do just fine, but they’re going to have to work twice as hard. I tell them that they will need to go out of their way to search for their identity. They aren’t going to find much about their heritage in the history books. Even the constitution classifies black people as three-fifths of a man, and that was supposedly written by the most enlightened, glorified white people of that time. I tell young African Americans that they are going to have to dig hard to find out the giant contributions that Africa made to civilization, because they aren’t going to find it on the television. And I tell them that just because it’s a tough road does not excuse them from personal responsibility. I tell them that God put them on earth to build and not destroy. And I tell them that some opportunities cost money, but books are absolutely free.”

 This answer has caused quite the stir - check out the comments:

 Because, while it may be true "books are absolutely free,” most whites are NOT reading them,...

 H/T - Freeman Hunt

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    You should tell your friends on the Left not to worry then. No need to smear Paul, he is just crazy anyway. A better use of your time might be spent finding information about Obama's golf game you can put into book form.

    God Bless.