Thursday, October 23, 2014

Althouse: The Law's Racist Queen Of Weasle Words

He's not an attack dog after blacks - he's Althouse's fellow defender of women's rights

The mixed messages from women are bad enough without the insanity

That "I think" is telling - the stupid bitch has no idea, but it's all "me, me, me" - in her mind. Narcissism much?

There's a reason blacks can't trust white women

Just as Obama is charged with "possible" sexism, towards a woman who "might" have felt something (Ann's not sure what but, damn it, if the white woman mentioned on The Rush Limbaugh Show says something happened - just as she said we should "panic" over ebola - then it must have happened. If it didn't - just like with the ebola panic - then she "moves on," without ever acknowledging she was totally full of shit, because who (other than blacks) are going to complain - or get hurt?

Black Civil Rights are just fun-and-games to white women

Ann doesn't mind hurting blacks with her words (we're sexists who spread disease) as long as the likes of Rush Limbaugh give her publicity.

White women have always been part of the problem

Next, Ann says others "should not assume" anything - when that's all she's doing, herself, over the entire post. She doesn't know the black woman she's pretending to defend. The black woman gave no indication of bother. It's just Alhouse, spinning her lop-sided wheels, and conjuring hatred for blacks, so her cabal of racist commenters can bellow.

Althouse has just provided blacks with the best argument against Hillary imaginable

I would go on, but dissecting white's insanity makes my head want to explode,...

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