Thursday, October 23, 2014

Althouse Explains Her So-Called Morals After Ebola

The exploitation of black children - throughout American history? Not a problem

Ahhh - but grown, educated white women, trying to spread a terror of black disease carriers, is "deeply morally" right - especially without a retraction when it becomes clear you were obviously, terribly, miles-off-base wrong. 

And making up "possibly" sexist charges against black men is also "deeply morally" right - because Rush Limbaugh said your name.

Althouse's ethical framework is so "deeply morally" convoluted, I'm surprised even she thinks she knows what she's saying:

Sorry, Lady, but - in less than a week - you traded any moral authority you may have for cheap publicity on white-wing wadio:

You can't shame anybody.

BTW - White women are exploiting white kids - for the cause of your precious white women's feminism?


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