Friday, October 24, 2014

Just Whose Side Are You On? ("Lena Dunham's Race Problem" Is A Sign Of Possible Dark Times To Come)

And you thought it was just Ann Althouse in the dock

As usual, I'm ahead of a trend, this one being calling out American white women for their arrogant narcissism in the face of black's oppression. Following my lead is Rebecca Carroll, a black woman who thinks the "Girls" girl ain't pulling her substantial (and usually seen naked) weight:

Do these two look like they need a white woman's "help"?

Some feminism these white women have. "An insult to black women artists." And (like Ann's assumption that SHE will determine how black men and women should interact towards one another, according to white feminist dictates, currently known for breaking up more couples than bonding them) they're an insult to blacks altogether.

"Wait - I'm not the center of the world - or even American life?"

There's something absolutely repulsive to the formally entitled-for-centuries white woman about hearing from blacks that (because she and her shallow outlook are part of America's race problem) her new role is to either help fix it or shut-the-fuck-up. Repulsive because, except at the end of slavery, she's never truly faced a challenge like this before. 

Blacks today have little reason to find her attractive, or iconic of anything, beyond betrayal. She and her way of "thinking" are no one's ideal. Not even the white man's, because her feminist stance chased all but the most passive away, nursing a premature ejaculation problem so common the so-called "cures" are now advertised on TV, along with the other various (collective) anxiety medicines shared by white men and women alike, especially Mormons. Fuck 'em all. And get a clue:

Where was the white woman's courage when white men were taking black wealth - on her behalf?

No one owes white people allegiance to anything. They owe us a society premised on the ideals they themselves said were worthy. If they can't, we have no use for them, and will show them so - by any means at hand:

Angela Davis has had little time for white women's bullshit

Considering America's changing demographics, and the fact blacks are again on the march, white women - with an aversion to violence not shared by blacks, who have been forced to endure it at their hands, and that of their "Brown Sugar" cheating husbands - would do well to ensure it's not a boot stamping on her (finally) human face forever,...

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