Friday, October 31, 2014

Benghazi!!! The Latest Conspiracy Theory To Make Idiots Of It's Obama-Is-An-Idiot-Or-Malevolent-Presence Supporters

Stupid white people have no problem supporting other stupid white people for votes

Former CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, said the White House hacked her computer to stop her reporting on Benghazi!!! Gawker asked security experts to look into her accusations and their answer was,...she's an idiot:

Of course, Althouse was totally into promoting this crazy, too. 

It's a good thing whites are so intelligent (and as such, are convinced Obama is "incompetent" on Ebola, and whatever else they scare themselves silly with) AND they're willing to trumpet that fact - but not willing to admit when they're repeatedly proven to be completely wrong - that they'll be willing to lie on blacks only to win elections for guys with racist friends.

It certainly speaks to white's ethics,...

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