Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ann Althouse's Kid Is As Dumb As She Is If He Thinks I Don't Know When He's Trying To Lie Out Of His Ass

Althouse has a running joke. At least, Ann treats it as a joke:

Whenever someone discovers she's not too bright, or deeply immoral, at some point they scream "And you, a law professor!"

Ann thinks it's funny, or rebellious, destroying any respect we held for her position before we discovered she's the type who holds it.

It seems to be what whites want to do to America as a whole.

I mention this because Ann put a quote about prejudice on her blog today - from her son, John Althouse Cohen - and it's clear the apple hasn't fallen far from the stupid tree: 

Notice anything missing from this formulation? Of course, just like the racist whites who gather at Ann's for their daily black-bashing (with no pushback, as she regularly does for "women's issues") John Althouse Cohen gives no indication there's a white history of black oppression what-so-ever. He doesn't see the problem as what whites have been doing wrong for centuries - for no good reason - but that the people whites have been doing it to (the descendents of American slaves) are being just like everyone else in every way. We blacks want, so badly, to join whites in acting despicably. He even starts his riff with a quote from a Scientologist - one of the most oppressive and exploitive groups imaginable.

Why, if blacks were in John Althouse Cohen's shoes, we'd be re-writing history for our own convenience, too! Fuck our educations, fuck our elder's moral guidance, fuck everything - BLACKS JUST WANT TO BE EVIL TO WHITES SO BAD!

So, according to this law professor's son - a law professor's son! - there's been no stolen bodies (so no accumulated pain) no stolen money (so no accumulated poverty) no lies (so no accumulated lack of trust) no mass incarceration (resulting in massive disenfranchisement) no nothin' (and, thus, no reason for black's anger at, even, such an evil thing as what John Althouse Cohen is proposing). Blacks are just looking for trouble, as whites have done, with Ann, and her kid, and everybody else who's white and openly living off the wealth stolen from blacks (and now desperately trying to run out the clock on the crimes) being saints suffering unprovoked attacks. Why, "If they'd been born long ago, they might have vented against women or blacks instead."

Yeah, the history of blacks attacking blacks "long ago" is legendary - Harriet Tubman (a woman last time I checked) led the way.

My GOD, white people's stupidity is equaled only by their attempts to be self-servingly disingenuous,...  

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