Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stokely Carmichael Was Right: White Society's Fucked

American blacks have no chance for a "normal" life under the white gaze

We Are Respectable Negroes' Chauncey DeVega is making a list of things whites can do that blacks cannot, as supposedly-full American citizens, in 2014. His latest addition? Making a citizen's arrest of a police officer without getting shot. Why DeVega is doing so puzzles me - it's not like white people care how racist they are. They revel in it.

This is no accident, and couldn't happen for decades unless white Americans specifically wanted it so - it is the outright theft, and an open injustice, that undergirds and asserts white's racism and white's conception of "society," which is so ingrained as a long-standing source of white power, they are 100% positive there's nothing blacks can do about it. So they openly rejoice, just as their racist ancestors planned. 

Which raises an interesting question, regarding the news that Michael Brown struggled with the police officer in Ferguson, Missouri:

Why should Michael Brown - or any other black person - respect whites, their so-called laws, or those who defend them, when we know their entire system is, has been, and will be rigged against us?

The answer's "news" only to blacks, and only a subset at that:

Because the racist bastards will destroy anyone who doesn't,...

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