Monday, October 27, 2014

Lies Of Convenience (America's Number One Export) IV

Whites have stopped fucking with blacks - in measurable ways

Ann Althouse seems to have thought a comment, about the death of Oscar Taveras, was meaningful. Let's see how meaningful it becomes when re-written for black people: 

In my case, it's not difficult to imagine circumstances where I would have been far away from the street today: For instance, had America paid blacks reparations already, rather than insisting on staying openly racist by ignoring centuries of evidence, I - like most Americans - would probably have had the education and income to weather most storms, assuming they were of the usual variety of course; but even if they may have been huge, they wouldn’t almost always be a choice between life and death, etc. While the nation has (so far) gotten away with slavery and it’s ajoining crimes, in an alternative universe, it could easily go another way. In that alternative universe, even amongst whites, blacks could have long and productive lives, and be completely happy and content at “home.” Sadly, in this universe, white Americans are insisting in a multitude of ways that ain’t never gonna happen in their lifetimes.”

Yep - I agree - that's deeeeep,...

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