Friday, October 31, 2014

Ann Althouse "Resists" Comment On White Supremacy

Whites exist in a vacuum of innocence where they've done nothing wrong - ever

This quote is so rich I couldn't "resist" making a post about it:

Hilarious. All Ann has to do is look at the majority of her comments to see what Obama has faced, and to understand why his desires were skewered - just as my own, with whites, have been. But, of course, that's something she'll "resist" doing because it doesn't pay.

Supporting politicians with racist aides - because racists wouldn't join in a "transcendent new and beautiful politics" - that's the play that pays with white folks. Don't acknowledge racist whites exist at all. Blame it all on Obama - and other blacks - like we live alone, with no opposition (and no "fear" that white supremacy is slipping) no, no, no - it was just some black guy who, when given a chance to do something for the oppressed, blew it.

And remember, whites who do this are not racist for blaming blacks for white's defiance - including their own - at all:

This is just how America rolls,...

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