Thursday, October 23, 2014

Renee Zellweger’s Face Is More Important Than Almost Everything Else This Country Has On It's Plate Today

What "work" someone had "done" is a much greater issue than solving white injustices

White people will use anything to distract from discussing the racist society they've created,...

Journalists Reporting About Actress’ Face Feel Really Good About Selves 
NEW YORK – Journalists who have spent the past twenty-four hours writing about the status of an actress’ face said today that they feel really good about the line of work they have pursued and the service they are providing. Reporters from such major news outlets as CBS, ABC and CNN all reported immense job satisfaction and high self-esteem after filing stories speculating about whether or not the actress had had plastic surgery. “As a career, journalism has a lot of ups and downs,” said one of the journalists. “But on a day like today, when you get to spend hours reporting about an actress’ face, it all seems worthwhile.” Another journalist commented on the important public service he provided by filing as many as a half-dozen articles about the actress’ face. “This is why I went to journalism school,” he said with pride. “I’m going to sleep well tonight.”

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