Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New York's Highest Black Corrections Officer Resigns Over White's Indifference To The Hell Hole They Create

He even looks like MLK

Of course, he's black, because whites are too busy fulfilling the rapist, Thomas Jefferson's, "pursuit of happiness" to fix things:

 Boy - add in the fact that whites send blacks to prison on trumped up charges and that sounds just awful,...

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  1. It was Clemons who failed to report things correctly, that's why he resigned under duress. He was in charge, but the excel reports were too hard to read and/or print. Back in 2012, an audit recommended him and a deputy warden to be replaced due to abdication of responsibility. Also, the audit report recommended his demotion and criticism was scrubbed by the previous commissioner prior to any of his later promotions. None of this context was apparent from this post.