Thursday, October 30, 2014

No Diggity: Althouse "Support" For Kansas City Bombs

The Kansas City Royals lost The World Series to the San Francisco Giants last night. Anybody else still remember Althouse's previous thoughts on the subject? I do:

And there went any hope Kansas City had of beating us, because Althouse is currently excelling at doing everything she can to be "happy" on the wrong team:

Fighting that good fight, against racism, by posting polls of frustrated white opinion - knowing whites outnumber blacks 6 to 1 - without a single comment that it's white supremacy she's been rooting for. 

Supporting Scott Walker, the smiling white guy with racist friends, for Wisconsin's governor - knowing he's going to run for president.

Calling for "panic" over the first black president's rational response to her own ignorant, racist, delusional Drudge-led-by-the-nose non-crisis - actually encouraging white hysteria on the black man's watch. 

And, this week, Ann posted this racist catcalling video that edited out all the white guys (how'd the supposedly non-racist Ann miss what any fool could see? Was it on purpose?) Ann could care less, as long as it advanced her bullshit agenda.

But, for now, we can be "happy" the Royals still lost.

It's great symbolism.

Maybe, instead of being "happy," Althouse should hope she and other whites can grasp "meaning"....

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