Thursday, October 9, 2014


This Boris Pasternak quote on communism, from Doctor Zhivago, is a great reminder of what's-what:
"And so it was necessary to teach people not to think and make judgments, to compel them to see the non-existent, and to argue the opposite of what was obvious to everyone …"

I like it, because it could also be about the results of capitalism and/or democracy, or any western society with NewAge integrated into it's contours, or American white's racism. Listen to Ferguson, Mo., Police Chief Thomas Jackson: 

Meanwhile, those who are supposed to help end racism are doing this, instead

He might as well be Stalin. This is a man who's seriously suggesting blacks should feel sorry for him, because he's been running a police department that's so racist, it's now famous for not only killing Michael Brown (amongst others) but also for suing an innocent black man for bleeding on his officer's uniforms after they delivered a brutal beating during a bogus arrest. It's an impressive thing to behold. Unless you see it for the madness it is.

When your country's legal foundation is built, by whites, on centuries of black slavery and oppression - including even writing laws that created a police force for, specifically, capturing and returning blacks trying to escape the horror - expecting anything less makes no sense,...

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