Thursday, July 22, 2010

The John Edwards Blackout - From JournoList?

As The Daily Caller continues releasing the JournoList e-mails, I'm waiting to see when they'll look into what was happening during one specific period:

The John Edwards affair with Rielle Hunter, during the last presidential election, when Edwards was considered vice presidential material.

As I remember it, that was a year-long news blackout, that left The National Enquirer, alone, to break the story.

Was it coordinated, as the attacks on Sarah Palin were?

If it was, then we've got some serious implications for journalism, and the country.

There are many who are sure the country was snookered during the last election, and I, having returned from living overseas, was also amazed at the way politics was playing out - without the journalistic watchdog I was used to before I left.

I couldn't understand it.

But now we know what was going on - this was collusion - collusion against the American people by the same journalists we trusted to keep us informed.

So come on, Daily Caller, if you've got the dirt, let's have it now:

The American people need to know the whole truth about what the liberal wing of the Fourth Estate was serving us.

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