Friday, July 30, 2010

Chuckles The Clown Admits He's In On The Joke

England's NewAge goof, Prince Charles, has now confessed he (arrogantly) thinks he's supposed to "save the world".

Isn't it apparent to everyone, by now, that this mantra (along with other familiar lines like someone being "the love of my life" or "on the path") is shared with every cult on the planet?
"Far, far down the High Street, long past where Oxford’s golden spires give way to neon strip malls, you come to a dense residential zone of tidy town houses, row upon row. In one of these, in a small room, a woman sits immobile in a chair.

She has been held prisoner in this room for days. Eight? Ten? Hard to keep track, when they won’t let you sleep. In shifts, day and night, her captors take turns berating her:

We know you know the number.

You have to tell us.

Why won’t you tell us?

The woman is 58 years old. Not long ago she was the mistress of a château near Bordeaux—elegant, soignée, an aristocrat.

Now she is fed a single meal each day. She is not allowed to bathe or use the bathroom. She is drugged, and sometimes she is beaten.

The captors include members of her own family. They say she knows the number because she is The One—the possessor of knowledge that will free her and the rest of them to fulfill their destiny. They want the number of a bank account in Brussels that will lead them to a secret that will save the world."
Sure. "The One". (I've heard that before somewhere,...) It's all just an astounding display of (and the picture, above, is perfect for showing it) stupidity and arrogance.

Along with all the other supposed enlightened "chosen ones". You know them by thier language. It's the language of "spiritual" people, and celebrities, like Sheryl Crow, and Sting, and Oprah, and every other NewAge fan of homeopathy/environmentalism/psychics/yoga - and who knows what else - once they get too full of themselves.

Don't you guys understand that when someone's indoctrinated into a cult they adopt language to indicate who's in and who's out?

Yoga people don't do stretches - they do "asanas", right?

If you don't like Scientology, you're an "SP" (suppressive person), correct?
These people don't just "talk", they repeat the lines they've been fed because they are devoid of their own minds, literally, of imagination itself.

That's why they need gurus, "life coaches", and/or someone else to follow.

Listen to their language. [click image to enlarge.]

Then you'll know who's actually screwing things up for the planet.

And for everyone else.

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