Friday, July 2, 2010

Chakra Con

I can't stress this enough:

We have a cultural problem - not a political one.

Just like Barbara Ehrenreich describes in her book, Bright-Sided, where she found herself faced with a bunch of hostile, grinning, NewAgers, demanding she embrace the cancer that was trying to kill her, this country is neck-deep in a NewAge culture that makes no sense, can't work, and is constantly distracting us from our country's mission.

At this point, we've gone so far down the rabbit hole, we can't go "into the light" because, honestly, there is no light. There's just the darkness of a so-called "NewAge" that's used to hiding under rocks - because, traditionally, it's been a laughingstock in a country as productive as America.

Yoga is popular. Yoga was also popularized in America by a NewAge con man. Is there a disconnect between those two things? There appears to be. I mean, why would anyone invest their lives in a NewAge con man's scheme? But now'a'days, people don't care if it's a NewAge con man selling them: they'll buy anything. And then they wonder why the economy sucks.

Where have you been putting your money? If it's in yoga mats, and other assorted gear, you're probably part of the problem.

Homeopathy is water. Yet, somehow, NewAgers have convinced themselves that it's worth them ending their lives - or someone else's - before they'll admit they're wrong for believing in it. How is that happening?

It's our NewAge culture.

We see Oprah as a moral figure no matter what she does. It took these latest revelations of sexual impropriety to get anyone to question whether Al Gore - a man who, for years, made one bogus, scare-mongering thing after another - is someone trustworthy enough for us to have listened to. Again: how does that happen?

It's our NewAge culture.

Our culture has turned on everything that's good, and good about us, and attempted to replace it with the ideas and beliefs of others. Societies that aren't as successful. Cultures that are hostile to us. Financial schemes that are merely scams. And the list goes on.

Once we address this problem - and only when we address it - will we get back on our game. I love politics, always have, but the political arena is not the proper forum for what ails us. It can help: we can start electing people with an investment in American culture. But American culture itself is now warped beyond all recognition, and only an awakened awareness of that will save our skins this time. Don't forget:

You can defeat the Democrats and NewAge will still be here to torment us.

Defeat NewAge and we're done with the whole lot of 'em.