Monday, May 6, 2013

Atheists Still Act Religiously (In A Manner Of Speaking)


I know, in my case this probably isn't true, but it still rings true:
All sorts of people write with strong feeling, the way I do. But if they’re white, they won’t say it. I used to just pretend I didn’t notice it, and now I just think I don’t care. 
There are all sorts of reasons not to like my writing. But that’s not one of them. Saying something is angry is not a criticism. It’s not valid. It’s not a valid observation in terms of criticism. You can list it as something that’s true. But it’s not critical. 
You may not like it because it makes you uneasy—and you can say that. But to damn it because it’s angry…. They always say that about black people: “those angry black people.” And why? You’re afraid that there might be some truth to their anger. It might be justified. 
I promise you, if I had blonde hair and blue eyes this wouldn’t be an issue. No one ever says, “That angry Judith Krantz…” or whatever.

 Fighting a pain others turn from is but one of the many concepts I've had to wrestle with, practically all my life, starting much too early. I've learned to compartmentalize a lot of things, just to get on with it. But, whatever I do, I don't follow my "beliefs" just because they "ring" or (let's be blunt) feel true. 

I know how that "works":

Exactly a week after watching the movie Edmond, where a fortuneteller's "advice" helps screw up a guy's life, I accidentally bumped into another film that featured a male NewAger.

It was The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers starring Geoffrey Rush. 

Now - having no clue a fortuneteller was an integral part of Peter Sellers' story - I could have found this second NewAge occurrence significant, somehow, as a part of my own life.

I'm into this shit, right-right?

Somebody trying to "tell me something," maybe?


Hey, I might be that hot important.

But it gets even better because, after divorcing his wife (!) Peter Sellers goes to this fortuneteller who - fraudulently acting on a tip the director Blake Edwards wants Sellers to star in a movie - tells the actor to build a strong relationship with someone who has the initials "B.E.". 

Sellers immediately runs out and "marries" Britt Ekland. 

Which also doesn't end well.

But, otherwise, what's so weird? 

My very next movie was The Wicker Man, which I had no idea was starring - wait for it:



 And not just Britt Ekland, but I'm talking Peter Sellers' second "wife" buck naked - this YouTube cut is edited and framed not to show it - and doing some Stonehenge-y white girl hoodoo love dance, using NewAge to try and make a good man go bad.

[Place the theme to The Twilight Zone here.] 

I was getting totally sucked in, like, Oh-My-God, Becky, Look-At-Her-Butt.

What the name of Oprah and Gail was going on?  Had I discovered The Matrix



 Nothing was going on, except we're a nation of hysterics, seeing "signs" where there are none - and disregarding everything we know for "beliefs" - as unworthy as anyone who holds them.

The reality is, I pick up, and watch, random DVDs for free from the library. 

Y'all suit yourselves,...

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  1. Well, from an evolutionary stance, being on the lookout for "signs" and trying to see patterns in our environment is probably pretty hard wired in our primitive, old noggins -- animals do it too, in their own,non-human way. From a survival pov, this probably makes a hell of a lot of sense (if your antennae aren't up, you could wind up dead; if you can't make connections between phenomena and see a pattern that you can make future plans on, you might wind up dead).

    So it's pretty hard to fight it.

    Nonetheless, there is being aware of things and being able to reach a conclusion that "hmmm, maybe there's something to it all"....and letting the "signs and wonders" turn into an obsession and a madness. And that, is the unfortunate thing that we humans have to be always concerned about (unless of course you're Alex Jones or a tent revival preacher looking for a big day with the collection plate).
    You could wind up being married to Brit Ekland (which for some may not be such a bad fate, but then again, considering the results, maybe it wasn't so great) could wind up blowing up a federal building or falling in with a political party that advocates genocide as well as other nutty and destructive, if not so shocking, ideas (and that certainly isn't recommended).

    It truly is a conundrum for the ages.