Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Corrections

Isn't that weird? While assorted conspiracy theorists have been trying to carve a bogus scandal out of the Middle East, a real one actually pops up at home, and (staying so wonderfully true to form various watchdogs ought to get a broach featuring a picture of Bernie Madoff) it once again emerges without a single whistleblower - inside government or out - seeing it coming. 

Incredible - incredibly stupid - but still,...just incredible. 

I ask you - as we're now treated to the continuing spectacle of America's leaders, happily throwing shit they found on the ground, as others avoid being buried under it - is this any way to run a nation? 

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    Benghazi? The only scandal there is the utterly ham-fisted, keystone kops way the administration did not own up to the fuck up (and that's really what it was -- which is pretty pedestrian; very sad for the people who died, don't make such a blunder again, end of story -- did the admin do that? oh hell no!); the only "conspiracy" has been the way most major media (including blogs) have not focused on that as the major scandal (and in a sense, it's a pretty big one -- even Carter didn't shove his foot in his mouth and look so daft with the choppers down, and when you and your staff are looking less competent, less adult than Jimmy C....ooooh, hang your heads in shame folks!).
    As well as the real, actual, you know, scandals that have cropped up (and which there have been snippets of reports coming out about for a while now -- just nobody picked up on them....ooooh, shame-y shame-y folks, and they call themselves investigative reporters?).