Wednesday, May 29, 2013

There Can Be No Brainwashing (Without Silly Beliefs,...)


When society accepts There Is No Satanthis kind of thing will be a lot more difficult to pull off:
A psychologist who was sued by four women for allegedly brainwashing them at Castlewood Treatment Center for eating disorders is no longer leading the center or its expansion facility in California. 
Mark Schwartz, who founded the west St. Louis County inpatient center about 12 years ago, was still listed as a staff member earlier this month on the websites of Castlewood and Monarch Cove facility in northern California. The references have since been removed. Schwartz and his partner Lori Galperin stepped down from daily operation of the centers in December, according to Castlewood spokesman Jim Bates of a Los Angeles-based public relations firm. Bates would not elaborate on the change. 
...Four women have filed separate lawsuits in St. Louis County Circuit Court since 2011 against Castlewood and Schwartz with similar allegations that they were hypnotized between 2007 and 2010 and brainwashed into believing they were members of satanic cults. The women said Schwartz also implanted them with false memories of sexual abuse.

 I know the feeling. 

When I think about who I was before my awareness of NewAgers (and how everyone pretty much ignores what they're doing) I'm almost positive I was implanted with false memories, too: 


 Of happiness,...

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