Thursday, May 23, 2013

They Say God Is In The Truth (Good Thing I Only Write It)

Cults are nothing to be concerned about, honest. 

Just go about your lives as normal. 

Everything's fine. 

So some families broke, and are breaking up. 

Big Deal. 

It's always been much more important that one person experienced True Happiness™, in another smaller group who don't know them, haven't sacrificed for them, and are only concerned for their leader - to the point where you're expendable - than everything working out for the rest.
"Cults are not so unfathomable; they represent the dire extreme of something we all do, which is seek meaning and connection in our lives, all the while making bad decisions and not always knowing what we’re getting ourselves into. 
...The utopian alternative they offer is short-lived at best, a perverse con or death sentence at worst."

Will you PLEASE stop mentioning perversity, con men, and people dying? 

Makes it sound like something that oughtta be stopped,...

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