Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's A Future Shock, II: Talib Kweli On The Illuminati

I know (some of you are like Talib who?) but trust me, Black Star's other star (the first is the now-famous Rapper/actor Mos Def) is one of the quickest, and most respected, minds in Rap - known for delivering lines and flows (the rhythmic foundation) that go far beyond the normal call of duty:

I wanted to know if Kweli's rep was justified away from the mic, and so here he is, speaking on some of my favorite subjects - the difference between belief and reality, how one influences the other, cultism in society, etc. - and (to my relief) he comes out looking pretty good. 

Mind you, his isn't some scholarly dissertation or anything, but I can hear the acknowledgement that he gets it, and - in my desperation - that's enough for me: 

Come on, next generation, come on,...

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