Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Media's One Dimensional Black Characters Count


 Some days, it's kind of hard not to think the entire world has it in for me, that the hippies designed the NewAge so a man like me will gag to death. 


 I'm in my car and some idiot on NPR is describing cooking as a "spiritual" experience. I change the channel, only to find someone describing an art opening as "reflective of our community's spiritual vision,..." I open a window.


 The idea, that an artist who cooks his own meals doesn't share their "spiritual" delusion - and they are saying absolutely nothing when mentioning it - never occurs to them. They just prattle on. Take away their jargon, for the undefinably vague, and they'd have nothing to say. And replacing them with someone sane, who has something to say about the real world, never occurs to anyone.

We are a failing culture.


 I turn the radio off and silently drive past a billboard with only one word on it - "Hopeless" - the first thing I've seen today that finally makes me smile in recognition.

Another affect of NewAge "thinking" on me:

I smile in, and at, despair now.


 I call a friend, and he tells me the woman in his life has put his carefully-constructed financial situation in peril- on a whim. I tell him it's my wife's birthday. He asks how I can still care. I tell him it sneaks up on me, catches me with my guard down, like what this woman's done with his money. Don't allow them into a position of trust and they simply can't hurt you. If you do, the pain can last a lifetime - something the baby killers don't acknowledge as they go on their way - because, being baby killers, there's no denying they don't feel the same.
I'm one of the people who simply cannot enjoy watching "The Office." I understand why it's good and why people find it funny, and why the "cringe-inducing" quality is considered a sophisticated element of comedy, but it makes me feel bad. Even thinking about watching the show makes me feel bad.
Great show on the human condition, horrible woman. 

I've always thought it wild that people can watch The Simpsons, or South Park, or The Office, or maybe a stand-up comedian, and - no matter what's said or done - they act like it bears no reflection on them. I mean, I can write - practically every day - that Ann Althouse makes me cringe, but what does she care? She's only moved by an annoying fictional TV character she actively avoids. That her own behavior resembles. But she won't put 2 x 2 together. 

Denial is strong in that one.


 If nothing else, right now, I'm glad I'm "my own man" - AKA a unique individual - "angry" or no:


 In Ann's stupid hippie cesspool, I can't bump into ugly examples of myself anywhere, but here,...

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