Friday, May 31, 2013

FINALLY: We're Getting To The Nub Of The Whole Thing


Glenn Reynolds and Dr. Helen. I don't know what to do with them. 

Dr. Helen has a new book about men on campus, which is good, but I don't see much in it that actually supports men - which doesn't surprise me, since she's married to the screwy Glenn Reynolds. 

Let me explain: 


 Though she doesn't say it, most of the "problems" Dr. Helen documents are man made.

Not female.



 They are the result of (some) men being made to feel demoralized over their own nature. 

That's race and classed based, because when lower-income minority men face the obvious discrimination Dr. Helen writes about, our answer has generally been pretty uniform:

"Fuck you, Bitch!"

But this has gotten us in trouble with the Glenn Reynolds' of the world (Ever heard him have a good word to say about Rap, unless it's some lame, rhythmless political white guy spouting it?) Glenn's partner in crime, Ann Althouse, actually got a man to "marry" her (both on their supposed "second" marriages - another feminist trope) when she spouts feminist nonsense like I breathe. 

I mean, these guys don't recognize. 


 THAT'S the real "problem" here. 


 It's "men" who climb mountains - without balls, "men" who dislike masculinity, and men who can't catch women without it (which is why Glenn Deer-In-The-Headlights Reynolds is so big on the "player" community - he and his kind need the help, when even homeless black guys have been known to possess enough charisma to catch...). 

These are the "men" attempting to marginalize a more realistic view of Americans, America, and the world. Or do I read this message on Instapundit daily? No, I read stuff on how to get sex, who's having sex, "21st Century relationships" (said like "screwed up" is permanent) and other nonsense that contributes nothing to the issue at hand, or dismantles the framework to enforce it, that I have to live with and under.


 I don't need Dr. Helen to tell me what's happened to me - I need the likes of Glenn Fucking Reynolds to stop being a little bitch, recalibrate, and actually DO SOMETHING. 


 Feminists today have an advocate, and defender, for their brand of fascism - and it's the very same guy they've been most determined (and most likely) to bring down. I don't care what credentials he's gained, he's a fool. And that's one big reason why blacks, etc., won't join in to this brand of conservatism - and why I didn't vote for his controlling Mormon to be president, too - it's pretty simple, really:


 I know what "free" means, and my freedom especially - the rest of you are just talking, titillating, trying to see what sticks, no better than the media. 


 I ain't interested - I live in, with, and under your bullshit. 


 You're less than worthless and I'll keep saying it's so. Dr. Helen "discovered" a problem? Whoopee! Great stride for a woman. Is any part of the book on HER being caught up in The Matrix somehow? 

I'm not saying she has to be, but come on. 


I will not be part of the long-standing discrimination directed at me, whether from women, gays, other men, or anybody or anything else - and I recognize when it's happening, even if those for or against me don't. Your decades of "nudging" has had the exact opposite effect.


YOU let this situation happen - not me - YOU stand against me and my freedom in my country. And you expect me to vote with you? How long have Glenn Reynolds and Ann Althouse been on campus? And Oh, why can't black men get it together? Yeah, I wonder. (And is rage O.K. off the pages of Dr. Helen's book?) 


 As far as I'm concerned, if gays can get mad and rush churches throwing glitter, and women can get mad enough to show their tits in public protest, then - as a man - you too should know that, if you fuck with me, you better come correct or I'll get mad and might beat the shit out of you. 

And I have, and I'm not ashamed to write it or say it. 

That's the way it's been since foster care.

You don't do that to me. I ain't made of that. I know the wrong of feminism as surely as racism, and as long as right is my guiding force - and a big part of that was put there by black women - they'll get push-back, end of story.


 The "reason" any man thinks different, when those are the rules of engagement between ourselves, large and small - and feminists made it clear this is now a zero-sum game - ain't no mystery to me:


 I'm surrounded by belly-crawling idiotic horndogs, and/or confused cowards, and nothing more.


 And all Dr. Helen did, to her credit, is document how far it's gone - but only on campus. Not also in, say, every fucking corporate Human Resources office across this country - so that ain't enough, assholes. 

How isolated are you, really, from my world?


 Look at yourselves. 


 Don't look at me - Dr. Helen wouldn't have had anything to write about without YOU,...

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