Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Write A Lot (When I Don't Know What To Write About)

Despite making it through yesterday in one piece, I've got so much on my mind today, it's difficult to even start typing. By now, most of you may know I end my intentional reading (which I include under the heading "blogging") with Instapundit and Althouse. That's one reason they stay so fresh on my radar. Althouse is also why I'm opening with this girl, full of pride over her ginormous funbags that no man better be looking at or else he's a sexist, and probably a misogynist:

This .GIF is truly Ann's precious feminism "in action." 

That's right:

No longer will "these boots" walk all over men, but, thanks to feminist assertiveness training - and the new over-the-counter birth control - fathers can look forward to men being killed off by their daughters smothering us in gallons of teen-and-post-teen breast milk until we die off.

Along with lying, that's real power, or so I am told.

 And, mostly, thanks to one of Ann's heroes, Madonna, making it the right thing to do.

But I digress. No, my actual point was going to be, this dancing girl (no one this stupid can be called a "woman") was acting on her feelings. You remember feelings, don't you? Althouse was going on about how influential they were yesterday. But not today. Today she's got this to say:

You know what? Nope - I can't do it. (I told you I'm frazzled,...)

Here's the post I was going to link to, but, to be honest, I'm tired of writing about stupid contradictory assholes like Ann. (James Taranto called her "contrary" yesterday - yeah, she's contrary all right, even to her own ideas, from the very day before, which means - even if the Instapundit and The Wall Street Journal links to her - like Glenn, she's really just another nutty "professor," whatever that term means, considering the screwy context they've created for it.) Following your feelings was alright yesterday, it's not alright today, and tomorrow it'll be some man's fault women have feelings at all - should I even be trying to keep up? 

Sure, despite knowing little about music - and having some of the worst taste in it I've ever seen - Ann knows the difference between Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac, but (as much as I love the imagery of Ann taking her gay son to see the only child rappers who wore their clothes backwards) like a "dissatisfied" housewife would say, that's simply not enough. 

Somebody alert me when she fully comes to her senses.

After today, I'ma try to ignore her idiocy.

I admit, speaking as someone referred to often as a musical genius, it'll be hard.

Back to Mac Daddy's death. It gave me a little jolt this morning, but mostly because it's reported he died of a drug overdose. Gee, how did that happen? It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that, once Kriss Kross reached puberty, women like Ann (and her gay son) didn't find them "sexy" anymore, could it? (I think, from reading Ann's blog, I know more about what turns her on than Meade,...) I can still remember the ruthless backlash Kriss Kross faced, merely for growing up, and my thoughts on how immediate, cruel, and feckless it was. It had nothing to do with their music, BTW, which depends on your ears, not your eyes. No, based on pimples, Kriss Kross' career was over. Don't think that's true? Where's the multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist Hanson now?

They, too, were boys who merely grew up.

Yes, Mac Daddy's dead, but I think his "fans" killed him a long time ago. 

That last link brings me to the guy who offered his "lollipop" to all these "smart, intelligent, and independent women" in his video. (I do like that he shows 200 lb. black women as attractive when women in the white world look like they're auditioning for a concentration camp stay,...) Not that anybody cares unless a Rapper dies, but the ultra-prolific Lil Wayne just had another epileptic seizure. I don't really know what to say - should Weezy take some time off? Work as much as he can until he can't? What? I don't know. My heart goes out to him, though, because - whether he makes stupid shit or not - he's certainly talented, and can be a LOT of fun, so the idea of losing him, too, is heartbreaking-in-advance. 

My heart also breaks when I remember Glenn's clique is made up of teachers - and then looking at the results. How do you stop gun violence? Gun Control. So what's the college-educated answer when terrorists make bombs out of pressure cookers? 

Stupidity, of course. College-educated stupidity. The kind I didn't get: 

I still think most women are insane and feel for the men who don't/can't act accordingly.

"Thank God" for Too $hort.

Which brings us to the God portion of our show. (There's always a God portion of our show.) Here, a preacher is making some very good points - Hey, it can happen:

1) Right under the noses of parents, teachers, and everyone else, artists are doing their jobs and playing with every possible concept under the sun - and the kids are eating it up because those same parents, teachers, and everyone else, aren't doing theirs. (Being hippies, they don't even know how to do it anymore, I think.) 

2) When the forces of cultural subversion, manipulation, misinformation, and exploitation (Ann? Glenn? Hello!) get caught with their pants down, their "sincere" apologies don't mean shit. If they actually cared about anyone, or anything, they would've drawn the line between fantasy and reality in BOLD. But they don't - they'll push any bad idea, to be (as Ann said) "provocative," since getting your money is all that matters - because, to them, there is no "America" we adults should be protecting. Hell, as the so-called "parenting" out there proves, these Toys 'R' Us kids don't even think there's such a thing as growing up. Even Snoop Dogg agrees:

"When you're buying Snoop Dogg you're buying all that that come with it. When you're buying Rozay, you're buying all that come with it. You know what his lifestyle is about, you know what his music is about, so you have to engulf all of that. If you're not willing to take all that on, then step out of the way and stop playing and acting like he's bringing harm to your company."

3) I can hear Ann Althouse telling me I'm no "fun" again.

Growing up in the ghetto - where I've see the results of all Ann's "fun" flying around - I have no idea how anyone can get the impression kids and parents are on the same footing. Funny thought:

Picture this as Ann and her sons.

Am I the only one who remembers when Ann got herself on FOX News for claiming she was "attacked" after some guy tried to grab her camera, with Meade by her side, in Wisconsin? Meanwhile - all over the country - this is going on, on a daily basis, and FOX and Ann are nowhere to be seen. But there's no difference in America's treatment of blacks and whites. Or a wealthy white lady being lunged at, for her camera, and a mob physically attacking a black woman and her children - in their own home - while it's being filmed.

One is newsworthy, and the other? Meh. Not even bloggable.

Thank goodness black people have blogs now, and I read them, huh? (Ann and Glenn think, by reading "The Root," they're getting the real nitty-gritty on blackness - when they've got me. I rarely touch that middle class black stuff, for the same reason I don't bother with Ebony and Jet magazines - they're stupid Civil Rights-era propaganda, having no bearing on the lives of average black people what-so-ever.) You wouldn't know anything happens, in anything but the middle class world, relying on these so-called "teachers." 

Here's another situation I'd like to see Ann handle - that she doesn't cover - because who cares?

I care:

If I was this teacher, not only would I have clocked-the-fuck out of this "child," but I would've demanded the rest of the faculty backed me up in doing so (watching this, I can easily see him weighing his options under the current stupidity) and they'd had better do it, or else I'd attack them, too.

Which is why I'll never be seen as a teacher, I guess.

Speaking of good teachers, remember when I said to call me when Althouse comes to her senses? The greatest pimp who ever lived, "Magic" Don Juan, has a few suggestions on how Meade can speed up the process - and Magic's got the credentials (and his women in-line) to prove it.

Hey - we're only trying to help. 

And finally, it all seems to come down to how we can't rely on the current enforcers (all self-appointed, BTW) to be reasonable - or even good Americans - under the circumstances. That goes for our leading political bloggers, as well. We're living in the real world:

They simply ain't there yet,...

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