Thursday, May 30, 2013

There's A Reason No Black Guys Ever Joined Fight Club

Wow - losing an election appears to have destroyed Bill Whittle. Six months in and he doesn't just look older, he's worn out, his voice is gone, and those stinging bon mots he's famous for delivering don't seem to "pop" like they used to, sounding as tired as Ol' Bill now looks. What a toll: 

He's Barack Obama's white twin. 

I don't know what killed Andrew Breitbart, but it wasn't this. 

And do you know why it's happening? 

I do - and I'll tell you: 


 Because - unlike Andrew's direct aim, outlook, and approach - every word Bill Whittle & Co. says is still pointed in the wrong direction. 


Here's Glenn Reynolds doing it - gloriously. 

He just doesn't see himself. How truthfully ugly and wrong he is. 

And no one can tell him anything. 


 If there's a huge difference with Obama there (or Woody Allen saying, "Yeah, I'm a hypocrite - but for the Left!") someone will have to explain. 


 I don't think (even as smart as he is) Bill Whittle grasps it, but - as long as we ignore the Right's role in what's transpired - he's only beating himself up. 

He never touches the president - because he never even touches me. 

Every punch that Bill Whittle throws ends up landing on his own chin, having first glanced off the delusion he's still the right man to throw them. Like the Right's shown there's some huge difference between it and Obama, when they - and their respective parties - have really only proven themselves only to be masters at ignoring the obvious in equal measure. 


 Like the fact we new others are looking at them. 

Hi, guys. "Captain Obvious" here, still not buying your bullshit. 

And if you don't engage you'll never know why.


 The fact that none of them acknowledge that after a devastating loss - any more than the mainstream media wants to admit they exist - is their downfall. 

The Right talked me out of voting - not Obama - remember?

That's THE RIGHT'S loss. 


 I ain't got nothing to lose anymore, thanks to various obsessions they share with the other side. (I'm the Titanic's bandleader now, tapping my baton on the music stand, preparing a Requiem For Romney to be played as we follow him down - carry on.) Now that I think about it, maybe Bill can ask Mitt and Ann Romney about some homeopathic treatments or something, to help the party's health along. 

I hear they're deep into that.


 And decline is a choice. Seriously, at this point, I have absolutely no idea why Obama doesn't give Whittle a call to lend a hand, since Bill's proven himself so good at holding himself down - and the Right - using this form of self-restraint and/or immolation. However you describe it, it's Self-Help of the worst kind, and it's eating poor Bill alive: 


 But - as I always say - that's how the NewAge "works".....

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