Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NewAgers Waited For News (To Hear They're A Fraud)

Remember the height of American television programming? When Montel, and Oprah and Ellen and all the other reality TV con men had our country awash in X-Files nonsense - while crushing the weak and vulnerable at their most exposed, right before our eyes? Man, that was a wonderful time.

Unless you weren't buying any of it.

Then - despite the fact this wasn't the 70's, no one was wearing bell bottoms, and we'd seen this cult stuff all before - skeptics were labeled "energy vampires" to be shunned for not having an "open mind." These people said so, and also said others should do so, right on television and radio. To applause. This way, the leadership could view and use those inside, and outside, NewAge's circle as prey.

I remember those times vividly because, for me, this wasn't stuff that stayed behind our TV screens. This was part of what Grrrl Power! meant and means and, for some reason, nobody wants to do an investigation on that and what harm it's caused.

Nobody really wants to report on any of it because, like the discovery of a "real U.F.O." or proof that homeopathy works, I think the revelation would turn the entire known universe - including the question of who has been America's good and bad actors - upside down. Completely. Hell, considering the quality of names, crimes, and just plain bologna, it might even sell some newspapers. You know, get us going again.

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  1. When you substitute emotions for reason, anything is possible.