Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Best Of Blogging, II: We Did More Before 6 AM,...


 It's a bright new day, so before we carry on, let's take another header right into the audacious, provocative, only-saying-shit-to-get-money-and-attention, Defenders Of Ignorance:
“Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas ripped the media and took a subtle dig at President Obama during an CSPAN interview dated from April 9th. When asked about how he felt about the nation’s first black President, Barack Obama, Thomas said he always knew it would have to be a person who was “approved by the elites and the media” because if it was someone who they didn’t agree with, that person would be picked apart. 
'Any black person who says something that is not the prescribed things that they expect from a black person will be picked apart…'"

 Picky, picky, picky. 

Never - this is a slander - those fine folks always know better, showing us the way out of our own stupidity, by insisting we follow the example of well-known seekers and "keep open minds":
I saw how journalists on highbrow papers write primarily for other journalists or to impress politicians or other members of the great and the good.  
They don’t actually like ordinary people — especially the lower middle class, the strivers who believed in self-discipline and personal responsibility. 
They dismiss them as narrow-minded, parochial and prejudiced (unlike themselves, of course).  
But I always wrote with ordinary people in mind. 
Just as they were sceptical of intellectual abstractions, fantasies or Utopian solutions, so was I. 
Bit by bit, I saw through the delusion of the Left’s supposedly ‘progressive’ politics. 
Increasingly, I turned away from their stupidity, hypocrisy and moral blindness. 
They, of course, dismissed me as contemptibly ‘Right-wing’, as if that was sufficient to destroy my argument. 
...Truth was being sacrificed to personal expediency. Evidence would be denied if the consequences were inconvenient. 
Self-centred individualism and self-justification ruled, regardless of the damage done to others.

 "Damage done to others"?

You silly, over-reacting, anti-cult freak, there are no "others" - WE'RE ALL ONE, remember?

An online clique "community" (to counter how the bad guys were doing it, of course) a "community" that's offering "solutions" (Thank you, NPR) "raising awareness" (Thank you, NPR) and offering us groupthink "real love" in return:
There is a supposition among experts on grief that in time the bereaved ‘move on’ and ‘come to terms’ with their loss. For Lord Saatchi, whose wife died two years ago from a swift and merciless form of cancer, there will be no such remission from mourning. 
He dismisses the platitudes of the self-help industry with quiet scorn. ‘Coming to terms and moving on are expressions of betrayal and unforgivable selfishness. They mean the lover has abandoned the loved,’ he says. 
For this reason, every morning he goes to the tomb in the bluebell wood on his Sussex estate in which his wife Josephine Hart is interred, and eats his breakfast beside her. 
It is a habit he never intends to relinquish; any more than he would dispose of her clothes or fail to set a place for her at supper. 
‘In snow and rain I go,’ he smiles. ‘It is of the greatest importance to do that. I eat my grapefruit cocktail and if I’m not there — if I’m in London — I find it very difficult. 
‘It’s a pretence, a fiction, I know, but it’s still pleasing. We would always have our breakfast together and a chat, and that chat is still important. But now, of course, I talk to Josephine and there are no answers . . .’ His voice trails off. 
‘Oh look. This is impossible,’ he sighs, his eyes blurring with tears. Momentarily, he has to leave the room.

 What a party-pooping wet noodle. What kind of example is he setting? Making food for somebody who ain't there - what a downer - that ain't green. He'll never ride in the PRIDE parade.

Can't he "be a man"? Can't somebody immediately find him a "sexy" replacement? Aren't men so consumed with hormones (do we even have hormones?) and horniness all-the-time that nothing else matters, except finding an alley somewhere to hump in?

I mean, I don't want to offend anybody but, look at gay guys.

In San Francisco, it's accepted you can hardly walk through a public park at night. NTTAWWT. I have no idea why anybody would be bothered. I grew up in South Central, Los Angeles and know what it's like when gangs own the parks. Same thing. Both situations are very romantic.

And both Dan Quayle and Joe Biden have said that, as long as Will & Grace is on the air, there's absolutely no need to talk about anything else. The battle for gay rights and The Civil Rights Movement - and the fall-out that's resulting from each - are identical.

Even in dignity and stature.

Is Will & Grace still on the air?

That show's so real it's a documentary.


 But this guy? This "widower"? Totally unreal.

Like marriage, the word "widower" will need redefining.

They've got it all "worked out," see:

This guy should just wait a while - maybe even a long while - that will make him/her/us/everybody forget how just about everything "works". There's no way that'll interfere with how things, that work, work, but Mitt Romney said the rest show promise and - if that honestly self-made man was smart enough for the conservative wing of the Republican Party to elect him as the first follower of Joseph Smith to be President Of The United States - then, damn it, that sounds perfectly rational to me and I'm certainly not going to show "bad form" and argue the point.

I will say the woman in this photo creeps me out, though.

Deep breath - in America especially - there's no such thing as a cult, there's no such thing as a cult, there's no such thing as a cult,...

Sorry, went off topic - the note about this video, too, I suppose - whoever put it on YouTube added:
"Recorded in 1969 and released on the 1985 album 'VU'. Written by Lou Reed. This is one of the songs that got lost at the MGM studios and was accidently found in a trash can several years later."
"Accidently found in a trash"? If that's true, it's fucking criminal. I picture it laying there, covered in coffee grounds. This business can break your heart.

Anyway, I know websites that would definitely label this "widow" a bellyaching masochist. I've seen it. They're so "nice," and understand so much about the human heart. The human spirit. They've got enough love for anybody. Unless they "move on" and then all bets are off. They'll find another body.

See, if your "mind" (artificial construct) follows your "body" (artificial construct) to get in the "spirit" of things (a very real construct) I don't know, they just,...happen.

Something about the power of feelings. I don't get that part yet. I was in the military and still try to control mine. I know, maturity, discipline, honor, loyalty, not caring about the world, but being the world's policeman and not trying to save the planet. 

Isn't that what they say - over, and over, and over again - when they're not too busy praising women for being women because they're women, and that's what they deserve, as we've learned from birth in everything from all these "spiritual retreats" that all-of-a-sudden popped up all over the place, to the media stream of flowers/diamonds/soap/spa commercials in almost every 24 hour period that most people don't even seem to notice except those divorced people who can't seem to "move on" and get control over their anger after never seeing anything coming including "only" being repeatedly refused permission to see their kids after giving their beloved half of everything they worked for so, somehow with all that on their back, they can't seem to afford it?

Haven't you even seen it in the hospitals that feature homeopathy, rieki, and other forms of "complimentary" medicine Dr. Oz "teaches" about on shows Oprah "The Secret" Winfrey delivers as she and Ellen, or maybe the other multiply-divorced and "re-married" celebrities, hang out with Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, and Ken Wilber, like The Beatles did with the "Maharishi" in India before John Lennon told him to fuck off for trying to take advantage of Mia Farrow's sister?

How - in the name of Altamont and Charles Manson - anybody who lived through the 60s and 70s can look around and "think" there's anything racist, or cultish, about anything that's been going down since then (and it has been going down) I don't know.

All-American, it is.

Been around for over 50 years.


It's a state of a brainwashed mind.

And I hear, once they've got all three, it'll last a lifetime,... 


  1. Mr. Saatchi sounds like a great role model (and so does his wife, as their marriage was clearly a real one).

    I suppose if there was one bit of relationship advice for young people today it would be: try your best to be, and to find someone else (because it would take two people to create this), that in the end you would, either one of you, be doing this for. Warts, setbacks, and all, it would be a real marriage.

    Sadly, this is a thing not often found. People don't value such things; people are not encouraged to find these things nor cultivate them in themselves. It's one of the great maladies of our age.