Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'd Also Consider Investment (In The Sale Of Torches,...)

I keep forgetting to mention something about this: 

Musically, I had another brilliant technological breakthrough with the software yesterday (I'm talking MAJOR) and - since everything else is kicking into gear - I'll be rolling out new songs very soon

I stuck this up as a first test run of various things i.e. my photo-altering software for making CDs, my sampling equipment, and CDBaby's payment method (and structure) for exclusive material. Feel free to purchase the song at the link - I like it - though it's an older, unfinished lark I was only using for engineering-type purposes. (The first real post-TMR stuff is going out for free, with special material for those who have donated, or stuck out the lean periods, like now.) The bit at the link is sure to have value later - as a beginning and an ending - if you allow it time. 

 So, in case you've ever wondered where all this talk was heading:

It looks like we're going to get there before I go,...

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