Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MDS (Modern Day Slavery): Waiting For A Massa's Word

The video, above, was replaced because YouTube removed the original. 

The original video was on race and the bible. The new video is on some other nonsense.

I know this guy was an "accidental activist" (and we're not alone) but what is it about black guys being the ultimate line of defense for secularism?


 I like to think it could be that whole "conscience of the nation" thing, but I really think (as most people divorced from others acknowledge) we're simply forced to see and know too much.


 O.K., plus we're naturally loud, something we keep having to remind employers about, because many think we're yelling when our voices merely rise. Which is like attacking Italians for hand-waving when they talk, if you ask me.

Did Glenn Reynolds or Ann Althouse ever have to deal with this shit to keep a roof over their heads?

Rather than "white" or "colored", today's water fountains should read:

"What-in-the-fuck do you really know about anything?"


 It's been about 400 years, shouldn't we - all - be more familiar with each other by now?

Know how things work?


What am I saying? Most Americans are still unfamiliar with Canadians.

Anyway, while everybody else has seemed intent on letting the con artists do their thing for years - decades even - before they get the balls to act, black guys don't get that luxury, as we're somehow isolated to begin with (Thank you, Feminism) and since being good doesn't seem very high on anybody else's To Do List, in the meantime (Thank you, Feminism, again) which could get especially mean.

Probably because of the stupid, ass-backwards, correlation for non-spelling believers between "good" and "God".

They also, somehow, think treating reality like shit - and my life in it - is going to make me nicer.

Or that I'll forget, how things went down, when I come up again.

A doctor who's a Pentecostal minister was sentenced Friday to 14 years in prison for taking $1.2 million from patients for a bogus cancer cure - acts that prosecutors called "despicable, cruel and heinous."
Christine Daniel, 58, of Santa Clarita, was convicted of four counts of fraud, six counts of tax evasion and one count of witness tampering, in a September 2011 jury trial.
She was sent to prison and ordered to forfeit $1.3 million at her Friday sentencing.
     Daniel ran a clinic in the Mission Hills area of Los Angeles, "under names such as the Sonrise Wellness Center," the U.S. Attorney's Office said in a statement announcing her sentence.
Prosecutors said in the statement: "The basic facts of the case are that Daniel, a medical doctor and prominent Pentecostal minister, fraudulently marketed and collected more than $1 million for a medical treatment that she and her employees claimed could cure many diseases and conditions, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, diabetes and hepatitis. Daniel claimed that her bogus cancer cure had a success rate of between 60 percent and 80 percent for the most advanced forms of cancer.
"The evidence presented at trial showed that Daniel's treatment did not cure anyone of cancer, nor was it was made from herbs from around the world or blended for an individual patient, as she has promised patients. Chemical analyses determined that the product contained sunscreen preservative and beef extract flavoring, among other ingredients, none of which could have had any effect on cancer or other diseases."
The statement added: "Daniel used her status as a Pentecostal minister to create a bond of trust with members of the Evangelical Christian community, an affinity that gave her access to victims to whom she sold bogus hope and worthless treatments. Daniel promoted the product under a variety of names - including 'C-Extract,' 'the natural treatment' and 'the herbal treatment' - through a program televised on the Trinity Broadcasting Network."
Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) bills itself as the "World's Largest Faith Channel." TBN and Christine Daniel were sued as long ago as 2004 by a family that claimed Daniel's cure, advertised on TBN, contributed to the death of a cancer patient, according to the Courthouse News database.
Prosecutors said in their statement on Friday: "During the trial, the jury heard testimony from 28 victim-patients, or close family members of victims who had died while taking Daniel's product. Some described how Daniel urged them to avoid conventional cancer treatments, such as radiation or chemotherapy, because such therapies would reduce the efficacy of Daniel's herbal "cure." Family members testified that Daniel also forbid her cancer patients to take any pain relief medication for the same reason. Some of these patients spent the last few months of their lives in agony as the cancers spread throughout their bodies. The evidence presented at trial showed that a significant percentage of Daniel's patients died within three to six months after they started taking Daniel's bogus cure."

Faster, Pussycat - Kill! Kill! Kill!


Everybody sing:

Beliefs, quackery, cancer, fraud, eschewing pain relief, wrongful deaths - and all after society accepted the Hitler Youth's harmless "Mind/Body/Spirit" heading of "wellness".

Is that my story or what?

Yeah - my story that isn't worth the time of day.

I wonder:

 Does anyone else grasp that - because of those around me being distracted by what silly things these "smart and intelligent" women (another good one) can think and do - I'm one of the few people in the world who can say, unequivocally, I've been a witness to a perfect crime?

And lawyers helped it happen?

Do they know what it means to live with that?

Oops! I must always remember I'm always, always, always wrong to get upset, and Ann Althouse and such not only know the issues intimately, but they understand what I've been going through all these years - even with them - better than I do.

They've got government endorsement.

That means, by default, they have every right to criticize, they can get their ideas in the paper or TV, and they feel like a valuable functioning member of society - I do not. I must rely on them.

I'm just a modern post-racial black man, without feminism, or racism, paganism, or gayism to back me up, and there's so many modern post-racial black men around, it follows that only rich, white law professors are important enough, and "articulate" enough (blacks love that) to be listened to.

Got it?

They never will.

I examine these cases the online law professors ignore because, let's face it, Glenn Reynolds & Co. inform us on what's "really important" and - in all the years I've been associating with them -  it's certainly never been the day-to-day killing of spiritualists (or spiritualists killing others) right under everybody's noses.

Posting photos of dogs (so cute) their vacation spots, and doing things I (now) can't, has always been closer to the top of their heap of concerns.

When was the last time you heard anyone online, but me, saying anything else?

They tell us about their time in the woods - like that helps blacks, or the country, or anything.

That's the "vitally important role" Ann claims blogs fill - and she sets out very day to justify.


The truth is, Glenn and Ann don't do "primal scream", because they ain't got shit to scream about.

And they'll diss anybody who does - because the traumatized are not "nice" to them.

Instead, they change the rules to suit themselves, for instance, marrying two, three - fifteen times - like the more you do it the more valid  "marrying material" you become.

They're really a bunch of horn dogs who - being ugly, nerdy, and lacking social skills beyond tits and a vagina -  didn't get enough in High School to become adults who are worth anything to anybody else.

No, Feminism. Gays. Sex. Keeping "wood in your pencil" - being "Frisky" - these (along with advertising cartoon purses) are their largest concerns.


Someone suffering - for years? What's that? Must be someone outside of these shores.

Then everybody understands (Can I be a woman in India for a day?)

Everything's a blog post to these "educators" - and a means for selling shit on Amazon - nothing more. They'll cry all day about loving black folks - but watch us die from the comfort of their tenured perches.

They seem to think their blinding ignorance takes the sting out of their presence, or something.

It's a nice theory.

It's like watching the flowering of this crazy epidemic, with the answer just sitting there, but the smart guys *choose* to ignore it, and repeatedly suggest the same evil, worthless, treatment from "ancient teachings" instead. 



 Once everybody dies around you, is it still kosher to say "It worked for me!"?

Now that I think about it (I'm doing a lot of thinking this morning) I know - there's probably no racial component involved in this - we're just good people doing what good people do.


 Alone, as always, in America.

It just feels racial to me, maybe, because, like with America and race, we black men always get to watch - but, more importantly, are always left to endure the savagery - of however long it takes for the rest of them to get a clue.

We don't always get to laugh along.

We live with the results of their unfettered folly.

 As I always say - but, today, as another of the (almost-lone) black people out here struggling daily to, finally, get our beloved country on the right track - I'll wait:

Ever since Glenn Reynolds hypocritically declared he doesn't care about outcomes for the ideas he spews (check that link to see how obvious that is - liars always forget the lies they tell) I figured waiting everyone out is probably the best policy: 


 O.K., it's the only one left to me:

And I'm doing the best I can with it - honest,...

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  1. Hmm, never really considered Black folks all that loud.
    But...real hillbilly here, and with the hand waving Italian thing thrown in -- not an atmosphere that lends itself to the raising of a quiet child in a quiet family.

    I find certain people to be a bit way too quiet -- in everything, like watching paint dry at the old folks' home or getting stuck listening to an elevator soundtrack quiet. It's kinda creepy actually, definitely boring. I'll pass.

    Which may explain a lot of things, come to think about it.


    And yeah, one of the things one learns (or doesn't, to one's regret) in my old neck of the woods was: beware the snake oil peddling preacher man. Many a person has gone down thanks to the machinations of a tent revival (I may have grown up Catholic -- which was like saying I was from Neptune -- but I saw plenty of those where I grew up, and the results)which can make those who dodged the bullet (or the collection plate) wary. And that is something the too quiet set don't know jack about, so they can't understand it, nor do they care to...would probably threaten their zen or something, their quiet, eggshell satin primered versions of church (which also creep me out, having been to one of those too). Which is probably one of the reasons why they can't understand a certain subset of America's relation with the thing; it's one of the things they see as wrong and substandard with certain groups...not understanding of course.