Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ann Althouse & Meade Lawrence: Muddying The Waters

Good Lord, Ann Althouse is still vomiting up self-validations for herself after her latest public embarrassment:
"If they really loved commenting here and wanted to come back, they should have talked about how they could help me restore the conversation in a way that could work."

Of course, Learn to tell the truth, Ann won't be accepted as "help", so everybody's stuck.
"Instead they showed how much they were part of the problem, and how they didn't really even like me."

Habitual lying will do that, Miss Lawyer thang:
"OCTOBER 3, 2012 - Ann Althouse describes herself as "ONE OF THE INSTAPUNDIT BLOGGERS AND GUEST-BLOGGERS,..."  
July 10, 2013 - Ann Althouse writes the "perception that I'm Glenn's 'usual fellow traveller' is off, but not uncommon. I think this distorted impression has partly come from the comments section,..." 

See, only when you see someone repeatedly flat-out lie to themselves and to others - and then act smug about it - will you ever understand Ann:
"After becoming the laughing stock of the blogosphere (again), Althouse responded to the mockery, stating that she was sorry for her immature overreaction she was planning on ignoring all criticism."

The weird thing is, once you start to look, there's an Althouse pattern, and so many examples of that pattern, it's bizarre anyone ever took Ann seriously to begin with:
An instant classic...[Althouse] attacks Jessica Valenti about taking a picture with a group of bloggers at a Bill Clinton luncheon some time ago and then flies into a rage (threatening to hang up) because it was brought up in the conversation by Garance Franke-Ruta of TAPped...She goes on and on after that about the meanies that attack HER..."

That one was followed by the blogger's comment, "Narcissistic much?" Meanwhile, Ann's "second" purse-holder, Meade, is running around on other blogs, attempting to sow dissent amongst their former commenters, by even throwing money at one (and telling us all how much, and when, and then daring the rest of us to match him) prompting this comment:
"For the pair of them to bring to Lem's blog anything other than clean encouragement and clear support for him and his venture seems to me to be a form of misuse and meddling tantamount to poisoning another's well or sowing another's field with salt. Generosity of spirit is not soley marked with financial donation. By overtly and covertly presenting their own unresolved issues, justifications, and quarrels with others at Lem's, without openly owning their part in the situation that caused his blog to form, or providing a place for a mutual public dialogue on the subject to take place; they foment discord and continue to foster loss among the very people they labeled as "losers". 

Whatever's driving their behavior, now would be the perfect time for them to start figuring it out and stop dropping their undigested business in another's pool."

I don't know, kids:

Seems to me, that's about all they've got left, considering what they've created,...