Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We're On The Road And We're Gunning For The Buddha


There's some crazy music coming out these days.

 If the Dalai Lama knows he's a faker (and I'm convinced he does) this would be a smart move:
"Dalai Lama says if scientific method finds Buddhist principles wrong, Buddhism must change."

It's whatever you say it is, just say it's Buddhism.

Meanwhile, probably from looking at old Hitler photos, Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams has mastered patting herself on the back while giving the Black Power salute:
"B-37 may have been legitimately concerned that a book would all but surely expose her identity and put her privacy and safety in jeopardy. She may have been motivated entirely by self-preservation. And her retreat certainly doesn’t spell the end of the Trayvon Martin industry – there will be other deals to be made, other stories to be sold off. And none of it changes the fact that a kid is still dead, that parents still grieve for a son lost. But what unfolded so quickly on Monday – from a potential profit off senseless death to a very public shaming that led to a change of heart – shows that sometimes our outrage really does have a positive effect."

Death threats - I mean, "a very public shaming that led to a change of heart" - always seem to do the trick, once someone's "been motivated entirely by self-preservation," don't they, Gangsta?

The things you can read in the so-called legitimate press these days,...